One All to Yourself

One All to Yourself

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Patrick MacAdams

Annapolis Design Company, est. 2008


Charleston, SC | Annapolis, MD


WordPress Development, Website Management, Company Branding, Email and Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Online Business Development Consulting

Specialty Industries:

Sports Marketing, Real Estate, Government Agencies, Non Profits, Small Businesses, Medium Sized Businesses, Start Ups, Sole Proprietors


One Expert Point of Contact When You Need It

Managing everything you need to do for your business online can be daunting. It can be frustrating. Who can you call to ask questions? What if there’s something new and cool out there you don’t know about that’ll be great for your business? What if everything has gone to hell and you need someone to talk to and fix it quickly? That’s why I’m here. One expert voice championing your business.

Since 2008, I’ve worked independently with sole proprietors, small and medium sized businesses, fast growing NYC startups, and large government agencies to complete thousands of online goals. I’m an expert. Together we can figure out how to best reach your clients emotionally online, energize your fan base & athletes, build online training certification courses, educate students about your Mars rover, or design your small business' brand & build an awesome company website that ties into your social media. Whatever you need, I am YOUR expert. I am your teammate. I’m easily reachable. Ask NASA. Call, text, or email me and it is done.

Web Development:

Building New Sites of Any Complexity, Maintaining Current Site Content, and Troubleshooting Website Functionality.

Impact Marketing:

Combining Strategy and Unique Creative Design to Reach Your Customer Base and Persuade Them to Take Action

Business Consulting:

Leveraging Experience at All Business Levels to Answer Questions You Wouldn't Think to Ask

Special Projects:

Not Everything Fits into Standard Boxes. Sometimes A More Creative Approach is Needed to Solve The Challenge.


What Have I learned Working Across Multiple Industries?


I prefer to stay well-rounded, versatile, and useful. The last fifteen years of experience have paid off with lessons on how to best approach projects. I apply lessons across industries to deliver your project.

Easy Communication: I'll often send a video screencast narrating decisions. No need to schedule a call or decipher an email or text.

Keep Your Phone Charged: Be available to your clients. Respond promptly.

Deliver: Knowledge built on experience to deliver creative solutions that are sometimes beyond what the client envisioned.

Most Importantly: I'm easy to reach and always have an answer.

Here's Some Fun Stuff!


Mars Curiosity Rover "SAM"

Sample Analysis at Mars

NASA Goddard Center

Full Educational Website Design and Development, Branding, and Interactive Digital Teaching Game. Game walks through how sample collection and testing works inside the rover.

Visit The Site Here

It was a huge honor to get to tour the Goddard Space Center and see the lab and learn about the gold instruments used to create microscopic pieces of the rover.


Cleveland Cavaliers

"The Cleveland Cavaliers are committed to inspiring future generations to grow the game of basketball."

Website design and development with hubs to direct visitors to branches of the youth program. My designs were carried out into other marketing pieces like the commercial below.

Working alongside the Cavs' was awesome. Their entire organization
is really focused on making a big impact on the lives of kids.


National Parks Service

Bering Land Bridge Interactive Game Environment

HTML5 Fully Immersive Game to Bring Students from Across The World to The Remote Wilderness of Alaska.

This project was kicked off with meeting a group of student scientists hosted by The University of Maryland. The student scientists had all kinds of creative ideas. The experience really sparked energy for the rest of the project for our team.

Industry Scaling Partner: Humulo Engineering