Park West Master Association Website Donated by Annapolis Design Company


In efforts to assist the Park West Neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Patrick MacAdams has donated his design and development services. Patrick is on the elected board of the Master Homeowners Association. In an effort to beautify and market the neighborhood, Patrick offered to create a new web presence for the stunning planned community in Mount Pleasant.


"My Hope is that our new website showcases the many pockets of Park West which make it unique. Of course the wonderful homes are what we ultimately purchase, but Park West is more than that. Our pools, tennis, trails, and other amenities make day to day life more fun. Being situated aside Laurel Hill County Park brings a diverse group of wildlife. Forest, creeks, marshland, and peacefulness are really what draw people to choose Park West over other Lowcountry areas."


By the bylines of the Park West Master Association, Patrick was not financially compensated for this website design and development. He, as the Annapolis Design Company is available for small business, government, and defense marketing design. You can reach him at